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“Then here's to the Oak, the brave old Oak
Who stands in his pride alone!
And still flourish he, a hale green tree.
When a hundred years are gone!”

J.F. Chorley, 1808-1872

Salem Oak

The Salem Oak is the earliest survivor of old Salem, founded in 1675. This lovely tree with its beautiful foliage is estimated to be 450 years old. It stands guard over the graves of citizens whose burial dates go back over 250 years. This White Oak, one of the few in Eastern North America, towers 73 feet in the air, and measures over 35 feet around the trunk. Its branches spread over an area of 10,000 square feet.

Tradition says that under its branches the Indians made a bargain with the English for the land.

This grand old oak is a “thing of beauty” at all times. In winter, its bare branches reach out majestically to the sky; in spring, it is thickly covered with green leaves; and in autumn, it masquerades in a glory of golden hues.

Salem's oak symbolizes the "Hearts of Oak" of the American patriots who fought so valiantly for freedom during the Revolution.

It is for this old oak of Salem that the Oak Tree Chapter NSDAR is named. The Oak Tree Chapter was founded October 23, 1900, by Miss Ellen Mecum, Organizing Regent.


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